The Center published books of the past conferences "Jews in a Changing World" proceedings (ed. H. Branover, R. Ferbers; in Russian, available online):

  • "Jews in a Changing World-2" (1998)
  • "Jews in a Changing World-3" (2000)
  • "Jews in a Changing World-4" (2002)
  • "Jews in a Changing World-5" (2005)
  • "Jews in a Changing World-6" (2009)
  • "Jews in a Changing World-7" (2013)
  • "Jews in a Changing World-8" (2015)

The Center has also co-financed publication of the enlarged second edition of the prof. L. Dribin’s book "Jews in Latvia" (2002, in Latvian) and enlarged second edition of the prof. A. Stranga’s book "Jews and Dictators in the Baltics (1926–1940)" (2002, in Latvian), as well as Mihail Itkin's book on Judaica in Russian "Judaica. Еврейские обрядовые предметы как объекты коллекционирования" (2015) and prof. A. Stranga's book "Latvian Jews during the revolutions and the War of Independence: 1917-1920" (2023, in Latvian).

The Center has elaborated methodological materials on Holocaust commemoration in the Baltics (available online).